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Presidents of Trinidad & Tobago Interactive Learning Set

Presidents of Trinidad & Tobago Interactive Learning Set

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Bring history to life by creating DIY flashcards of Trinidad and Tobago’s presidents. Cut out the circular illustrations, punch a hole, then add a ring - it’s that simple! 

This pack is designed to be versatile for any learning environment or activity you can think of. Organize a trivia game where children take turns answering questions about each President. Create puppets by sticking craft sticks to the back of each cutout and encourage children to reenact key moments in Trinidad and Tobago’s history.

Printable Includes: 4 pages

You Will Need: printer, scissors, hole punch, binder rings 

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Perfect for Home or Classroom Use

Whether you’re a parent looking to make homeschooling more engaging or a teacher searching for interactive classroom activities, these flashcards are a great educational tool.