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Saint Hadar Exchange Kids

Sunglasses Alphabet Puzzles

Sunglasses Alphabet Puzzles

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Help your kiddo get a head start on kindergarten with these printable Sunglasses Alphabet Puzzles! Inspired by our Sunglasses Collection, this instant download mixes playtime with learning to help your child master letter recognition and boost problem-solving and fine motor skills.

  • Print out the pages and have your child color the sunglasses. You can start with one page or one letter at a time. An adult should then carefully cut out the various sunglasses puzzles.
  • Kiddos will have fun matching uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Can also be used to practice letter sounds and spelling.
  • For more fun, you can laminate puzzle pieces or glue pages to cardboard before cutting.

Printable Includes: 10 pages

You Will Need: scissors, crayons

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